The Grant has been approved, see the Progress section!

The Rotary Club of Falmouth's project aims to improve health for everyone in Bukomansimbi and Kamuzinda, to enable their children to leave school better equipped to find work and a community that is sustainably self sufficient.       To achieve this our fundraising target iwas£35,000.  To this we have had to add a further £500 to cover exchange rate changes.  Rotary at District and International level have multilplied this sum by 3.5.  At todays exchange rates this will yield $193,000.      This will enable us to bring much better access to clean water for 7,000 people so reducing their dependence of disease ridden water holes such as those shown in the Gallery.   Possibly even moe important, it will greatly increase the toilet and hand washing facilities at 6 schools and for 70 elderly or infirm people.  A key element of the program is not only the education of the communities in their responsibilities to operate and maintain the installlations but also to  be provided with the means of learning better farming skills, relevant trades and how to develop and finance cooperatives and business grouos.  

The money was received in the Project Bank A/C held by RC Masaka in October.      Subsequently meetings were held with the Water Authority and with the 2 Community WASH Committees.     The Water Authority signed an MOU to confirm that they would fund the motorised borehole to supply the 100 cu m tank and extend the mains to the 5 parishes in Bukomansimbi and the necesary survey work for the project's borehole and tank in Kamuzinda.   They will try and complete this during the next 12 months.  The Community WASH Committees have started work on the toilets and water harvesting facilities for the schools and the elderly and on the education of the village enterprise groups.


Rotarians John and Janet from the International sponsoring club, RC Falmouth, are going out in February to meet those involved to see if the project is beginning to achieve their objectives.   One of the unique aspects of this project is that it has been designed in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the communities.  During their visit they will meet with the relevant groups and authorities to see if thee is any prospect of a longer term project to build upon this successful initiative.