Falmouth Rotary WASH Project

WAter Sanitation Hygiene


Rotary International's is focusing the support of its charity, The Rotary Foundation (TRF), on clean water and sanitation, health, maternal and child health, education, Community Development and Peace and Conflict Resolution.    The Rotary Clubs of Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, Masaka and Kalisizo in Uganda have combined to win a Global Grant from RI with the following objectives:-

1.   To improve the health of 7,000 people in the communities of Bukomansimbi and Kamuzinda near Masaka, Uganda by reducing their dependence on polluted water sources and improving sanitation for schools, the public and some elderly or infirm people.

2.   To reduce starvation during the dry season by providing cheap water for irrigation.

3.   To increase the health and possibilities for better education for over 3,000 children by reducing time spent carrying water, by improving school toilets, by providing hand washing facilities and improved girl's bathrooms in 5 schools.

4.   To train teachers on how to created Health Clubs in their schools to ensure understanding of the importance of hygiene and how to use and care for the new facilities.

5.   To encourage economic development in 10 groups from each community through the formation of cooperatives, understanding of better methods of irrigation, crop selection and marketing.    This will enable them to feed properly during the dry season, develop surpluses to better educate their children and to develop their enterprises.

The sum of £35,000 raised by the RC Falmouth, 13 other Rotary Clubs and 2 charities has been matched twice over through the past contributions of District 1290's Rotarians to TRF and by a 50% grant from TRF itself making at total of £122.500.     The Ugandan Schilling equivalent was paid to the WASH Bank Account in Masaka at the beginning of October enabling the project to begin.